We believe that all children deserve soft, safe, and functional clothing—regardless of life’s little hiccups. That’s why Tabeeze clothes are easy-on, easy-off, sensory-friendly, NICU-friendly, medically versatile, and of course, crazy comfortable.

Head, shoulders, tubes, and ports.

Medical Versatility

Our patented shoulder snaps allow medical equipment to remain intact and connected during dressing and changing.

Bottom-Up Dressing

Tabeeze goes on feet-first and slides up to snap at the shoulders, preventing head squeezing and arm twisting.

Instant Skin-to-Skin

Tabeeze unsnaps at the shoulders and folds down for skin-to-skin access—without waking or disturbing your baby—while in the NICU or at home.

Clean & Safe

The softest cotton for the most sensitive skin, Tabeeze is 100% GOTS Certified Organic. This means we pass the highest standards for organic processing and social and ecological criteria for the lowest exposure to harmful chemicals.

Loved by parents of little ones with complex medical needs.