They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, call us crazy.

‘Cause between the pj-to-morning outfit swap, food spills, many-a-diaper change, bathtime undress, bedtime onesie, and middle-of-the-night feeds or changes, we’re dressing and undressing our babies LIKE 10 TIMES A DAY.

Multiply that by however many years and that’s a lot of time spent wrestling squirmy babies into onesies, fat-fingering buttons, and pulling soiled clothes over their heads.

We lived it. And we didn’t like it. So we changed it. We architected baby clothes so flippin’ intuitive and effortless that when you snap your kid into and out of Tabeeze, you’ll probably say, “How did this not exist?”

We’ve got big hearts — and a small footprint.

We’ve got big hearts — and a small footprint.

We’ve got big hearts — and a small footprint.

We’ve got big hearts — and a small footprint.

We’re fair.

We live by the Golden Rule and treat people how we’d like to be treated. Tabeeze is a Certified B Corporation, and all of our products are produced in factories that practice fair labor laws and are Fair Trade certified.

We share.

Giving back is core to our brand. Our 1:1 Donation Program and Sharing Is Caring Discount help to support all types of families with generosity, compassion, and care.

We care.

We love our Mother (Earth). To show her the appreciation she deserves, we create only 100% GOTS Certified Organic products and donate 1% of our gross sales to environmental causes. Our high-quality, long-lasting clothes help offset the waste of the fast-fashion cycle — and we’re committed to setting a new standard for sustainable practices in the baby clothing industry. 

An architect walks into parenthood and designs baby clothes that just make sense.

Carrie Shaltz Haslup designed Tabeeze from her LA home in 2016 and sold her first product in 2022. Annoyed by the little things we all just seem to accept for what they are, she’s made it her mission to design baby products that make everyone’s life a little Tab-eezier.