Unisex Baby Gifts for Parents Who Want To Be Surprised

Unisex Baby Gifts for Parents Who Want To Be Surprised - Tabeeze
Unisex Baby Gifts for Parents Who Want To Be Surprised - Tabeeze

So you’ve found yourself not only with friends who are expecting but also with friends who are keeping their little one’s gender a secret. 

While gender reveals are certainly still a fad, it seems more and more common these days for folks to keep their baby’s gender a secret. In this case, when we’re looking to buy a gift, either for a baby shower or a “Welcome Home, Little One” item, we want to be mindful of this choice.

If you’re tasked with finding a unisex baby gift, you might be wondering where to start. While it can seem like a challenge to wade through the never-ending sea of pink and blue, there are tons of options for a gender-neutral gift that will leave the family feeling thankful.

At Tabeeze, we believe in making things easier for babies, for parents, and for you, the gift-giver. We’re here to share our wisdom and recommendations for unisex baby gifts.

Below, you’ll find 11 gender-neutral gift ideas that any parent-to-be can appreciate.


Why Gender-Neutral?

Gender-neutral baby celebrations are skyrocketing in popularity lately. 

Don’t get us wrong — gender reveals are still on-trend. Many parents still opt to share their baby’s gender with friends and family before the due date circled on the calendar. Still, leaving that element of surprise can create a magical and exciting aura. 

There are many reasons parents may choose to keep their baby’s gender a secret. Some parents want to surprise themselves, while others want a bit of extra privacy and decide not to reveal their baby’s gender to others. Some parents opt not to find out during pre-natal scans and are waiting for their healthcare team to shout it out with glee on the big day. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with waiting to tell friends and family whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

At Tabeeze, we’re big proponents of going gender neutral, too. So, we wanted to briefly explain why people might make this decision nowadays. Our thoughts aren’t exhaustive, but if you’ve got more questions, feel free to respectfully ask your friends who are expecting!


The Element of Surprise

This one is pretty simple. 

Many parents just enjoy the element of surprise that comes with not knowing the baby’s gender. If you know a couple with spontaneous personalities who love to live in the moment, they’re probably the most likely people in your life to keep the baby’s gender a secret. 

If you’ve got friends or family leaning into that surprise until their little one is born, it only makes sense that they would request gender-neutral gifts. In this case, you might feel unsure of what to give to the parents-to-be, but choosing a unisex gift is easier than you think. 


Avoiding Gender Coding

In this day and age, it is becoming more and more common that folks, regardless of their gender identities, like to avoid coding with any gender at all. 

Today, gender roles are becoming more arbitrary, and people are stepping outside of traditional roles. Some caregivers are trying to avoid learned behaviors associated with gender stereotypes like people-pleasing or difficulty expressing emotions.

As such, some parents may choose to keep their baby’s sex hush-hush for this reason. These parents may want their children to have the freedom to choose their own gender identity, and gendered toys and clothes can hinder their ability to do so.

Parents may feel that their baby’s gender is no one's business, they are doing what they can to break away from the binary, or they have other reasons pertaining to social awareness. 


It’s an Aesthetic Thing

Many parents have social and cultural reasons to avoid sharing their baby’s gender. However, say your friends or family actually know the gender of their future baby and just don’t want anyone else to know yet. Why?

Some parents aim for a gender-neutral aesthetic. This unisex style shows in their choices of baby clothes, the way they design their nursery space, and even the name they give to their child. For these reasons, non-gendered colors like yellow, sage, and burgundy are becoming increasingly popular in the baby world. 

If this is the case, they might be choosing to keep their baby’s gender a secret so that they can stick to the aesthetic that catches their eye — without running the risk of getting some more traditional gifts. 

This is just another reason to respect your friend or family’s choices and go with a gender-neutral gift that will make everyone happy.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best unisex baby gift ideas for parents who want to be surprised.


1. Stuffed Animals/Lovey

We know you can picture it: an adorable baby who refuses to let go of their favorite stuffed animal. Loveys are similar to stuffed animals but are more of a hybrid item — they have the head of a cute bear or lion but the body of a small blanket or cloth. 

When gifting a toy or blanket, know that infants aren’t supposed to have such items in their cribs until their first or second birthday. Such toys are better suited for tummy time or storytime than bedtime. 

Stuffed animals make terrific gender-neutral gifts for parents who want to keep the gender a surprise. While there are certainly some that may use gendered colors, with a pretty quick search, you will find that most stuffed baby toys appeal to any gender.

The biggest factors to consider when picking out a stuffed animal for a baby on the way are color and design. To make the recipients of your gift feel honored and respected, opt for a stuffed animal with a neutral look.


2. Swaddles 

Swaddles are excellent gifts for any new parent to have. They serve multiple purposes and are essentials for any new baby.

Whether it’s to keep that newborn warm at night, cozy during nap time, or content while being held, a swaddle will always come in handy. For many babies, the sensation of being swaddled is as comforting as it gets. That means the parents-to-be will constantly turn to a swaddle to soothe a crying or fussy baby.

So, what is a swaddle?

A swaddle is essentially a blanket made to wrap a baby up like a cute, tiny burrito. These blankets were designed specifically to keep babies snug and comfortable in ways that a typical comforter can’t. In addition, swaddles are designed with a baby’s safety in mind.

Because swaddles are so efficient and popular, they are easy to find in a bunch of styles. With that said, you’ll find tons of gender-neutral color options available. 

Swaddles are versatile gifts that will get plenty of use throughout a baby’s first few months of life. Because of their functionality, they’re a universal present that any baby can benefit from having — just find one in a unisex color like yellow, orange, or sage.


3. Diapers and Baby Wipes

Let’s be real: Baby hygiene supplies are expensive, and as a parent, the need for them is never-ending. Families go through an absurd amount of diapers during the first few years of life with their baby, and it’s one of those parts of parenthood that you can’t avoid. In the first year, a family will spend over an average of $900 on disposable diapers alone. 

So, why not take some of that stress off of the parents-to-be and give them something they will undoubtedly use, regardless of their baby’s gender? That’s where baby hygiene supplies like diapers and baby wipes come in.

These aren’t the most elegant gifts in the world, and they probably won’t be the stars of the baby shower. However, sometimes the best gifts aren’t flashy — they’re functional. The parents-to-be will get plenty of clothes and toys for their new baby, but they probably won’t receive as many practical items. 

Make sure that whatever you buy aligns with the new family’s plan. For example, some parents might appreciate cloth diapers over disposable ones. 

Not only will you be saving your friends some money, but you’ll be the unsung hero of a late-night blowout that might have otherwise meant a frantic drive to the store! If you tend to focus on the practical side of life, this is the perfect gender-neutral gift choice for you. 


4. Onesies

Not only is finding a gender-neutral onesie easy, but they are also some of the most dynamic and helpful pieces for a new parent to have in their little one’s closet. Perfect for any and every season, onesies are perfect on their own or with layers.

We’ve created a Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit that not only will make that new parent’s life ten times easier but also comes in adorable gender-neutral colors. It’s comfortable, functional, and easy to clean, making it the ultimate baby onesie. 

The Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit makes dressing and undressing a newborn easier than you ever dreamed possible. So please, Tabeeze with ease!

Our bodysuit slides right up their tiny legs and gently snaps around their shoulders. The result: no tears and an adorably dressed baby. Plus, when the inevitable diaper blowout happens, caregivers can simply unsnap the shoulder flaps and pull the onesie off — no stress and way less mess. 


5. Sleep Sack

When you have a newborn on your hands, they can’t quite sleep with blankets yet. While blankies can be incredibly comforting for toddlers and younger children, they’re not quite right for newborns. That’s why it’s always wise to opt for a gender-neutral sleep sack rather than a blanket as a unisex baby gift.

Sleep sacks are useful because they keep fabric away from a baby’s face. That means a little one can be not only nice and cozy when they sleep but also safe.

Tons of parents end up with blankets as baby gifts — which are terrific (eventually) but usually end up sitting in a closet or storage during the newborn phase. So get them a fun, gender-neutral patterned sleep sack that they can use with their little one immediately instead.

If you know that the parents-to-be have a certain aesthetic preference for their baby gifts, a sleep sack can fit right in. Just look for a color combination or pattern that meshes with their style. If they’re into minimalist colors and designs, for example, a muted orange sleep sack might be just the thing. 


6. A Baby Book (or Two)

Boy or girl, it seems like every baby loves reading time. Grabbing a couple of baby books, wrapping them up, and throwing in a simple handwritten note makes for a phenomenal gift at a baby shower. Some fantastic titles include classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type; and Jubal’s Wish. 

Infants are likely better off with board books that can withstand the remarkable strength of tiny baby hands, while traditional picture books can be set aside until those fine motor skills improve.

Not only do books make fantastic gifts, but they also help teach growing minds to copy sounds, recognize pictures, and eventually use words. So by picking a book as your baby gift, you’re aiding in that baby’s cognitive development. 

Go you! Always thinking ahead.


7. Team-Branded Merch 

Did you meet the expecting couple through a local sports league? Did they play sports in college? Or are they the biggest fan of their team? Seems like there is an obvious gift idea right in front of you.

If the soon-to-be parents are major sports fans, why not get their little one some fan gear to start with? Most major sports teams (and many college teams) have baby-sized gear for all of their biggest (or smallest) fans to enjoy.

Get ready for their first game day by gifting them their parent’s favorite team’s merchandise. 


8. Sensory Toys

If you poke around online or in stores, you probably know that toys with sensory elements are everywhere. These toys engage a baby’s senses, especially touch, hearing, and sight.

Many sensory toys for infants stick more to a theme (like farm animals, the ocean, or the jungle). In this way, these toys are often unisex and perfect for just about any baby. If you know the baby-to-be’s nursery theme, toys like these can be very thoughtful gifts and will add to the look they’re aiming for.

Whether this toy makes noise, flashes lights, or has fuzzy components for the baby to feel, you are bound to find a gender-neutral option in your search for the ultimate gift.


9. Teethers

If you have been a parent or even just know a parent, you have probably picked up on the fact that a teething baby can be rough. Teething is a time of transition, so there are plenty of growing pains for babies and parents alike.

Teethers are a gift that people might not instantly think of for the parents-to-be, often since teething comes a bit down the road from the baby’s birth.

Regardless, teething toys are eventually a necessity. Plus, they’re easy to find in general-neutral colors, especially if you take our suggestion and opt for a natural, sustainable teether as your gift.

We highly suggest that you go for a healthier, more earth-friendly teether since it will spend so much time in that baby’s mouth. Whether they are made of eco-friendly rubber or otherwise, be sure to check for markers that it is non-toxic, vegan, and BPA-free. 

A teething toy that is safe, good for the environment, and gender-neutral? Sounds like a win to us.


10. Fresh Kicks

Is one of the new parents a sneakerhead? If so, maybe gifting the new baby their first pair of fresh kicks is in order. After all, the apple often doesn’t fall far from the tree — which means the baby is a sneakerhead in the making, too.

With a bit of research (or a peek in your friend’s shoe closet), you’ll be inspired to find the perfect shoe (even if the baby won’t be walking for a while). You’ll find that many name-brand sneakers create baby sizes as well. 

Where the size of adult shoes is gendered, baby shoes generally are not. That means you won’t have to do much digging to find stylish shoes for a baby of any gender. Most shoes for newborns fit universally, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size.

With a gender-neutral gift like a baby’s first pair of sneakers that’ll maybe even match mom or dad, you’ll rank yourself pretty high in the gift-giving category. Plus, you’ll get to see that kiddo riding in style, whether they are a boy or a girl.


11. Money

That’s right; we went there. 

If you don’t have time to grab a physical gift for the parents and new baby, maybe going the way of cash or a gift card is for you. This is a universal crowd-pleaser, and it’s the ideal option for when you’re in a rush to find a gift.

While some might not be quite as fond of this idea, you know your friends or family best — if they are folks who would appreciate a gift that gives them some extra freedom, cash may be the way to go.

Giving them a gift card or just some straight-up cash will give the parents the ability to go out and buy whatever feels right, whenever it feels right. This might be especially helpful if they realize there is something crucial they’re missing once all the gift-giving subsides!


Celebrate in (Gender-Neutral) Style

In conclusion, trust yourself. 

If you know your friends or family are going for a surprise when it comes to their baby’s sex, you are bound to find a fantastic gender-neutral gift. Stay away from pink and blue, and you’re in the safe zone; we believe in you!

You can use this guide as more of a source of inspiration than a rule book for gender-neutral gifts. There are certainly other gift ideas that we didn’t bring up, but we hope that this at least got your gears turning in a helpful direction.

Whether you are the parents-to-be or the gift givers, at Tabeeze, we believe things should always be easier, and we’re here to help make them that way. So do it with ease; you deserve it.



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