How To Dress Baby for Sleep: The Complete Guide

How To Dress Baby for Sleep: The Complete Guide - Tabeeze
How To Dress Baby for Sleep: The Complete Guide - Tabeeze

The baby aisles at your local stores have seemingly endless options for baby sleepwear: between onesies, footed pajamas, and precious beanies, it can be hard to choose. Is one garment better than another?

If you’re wondering how you should dress your baby for sleep time, we have answers. 

All new parents know that sleep is essential for a happy, fuss-free baby, not to mention that when our babies sleep well, we sleep well. 

Picking out your little one’s pajamas should be fun and exciting, and it can be! That’s why we’re here to give you all the must-know baby pajama information so that you can feel prepared, ready, and excited to buy baby sleepwear when your newest family member enters the world.

You and your baby deserve restful, comfortable slumbers – so let’s get down to business.


Some Helpful Examples of Good Sleepwear

If you are someone who learns from a good set of examples… Tabeeze has your back. 

We’ve listed some categories for you to pick and choose from so that you can feel confident in the best sleepwear option for your mini-me. 


What Should Your Baby Wear on Warm Nights?

On those warm summer evenings, keep things light and breathable. A basic short sleeve bodysuit of some sort or a t-shirt with a swaddle or thin sleep sack on top will be just fine.

Try to stick to super-breathable fabrics like organic cotton. If it's a particularly hot one, a bodysuit or t-shirt on its own should be good. This is truly the fashion epitome of less is more. 


What Should Your Baby Wear on Cold Nights?

When the outdoor air turns from “pleasantly brisk” to “I can’t feel my face,” it can feel like you must bundle up your tiny tot to get some sleep. However, avoid bundling them too much, as babies can easily overheat. 

Parents can check the Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) for extra guidance. TOG ratings are common in the UK; these units of measurement offer some insight into how warm a quilt is. 

While the TOG rating can help guide your answer, it’s far from the complete answer. If you are unsure if your baby would sleep better in a wearable blanket or a long sleeve onesie, reach out to your pediatrician for more information.


Should Babies Wear Hats to Bed?

As adorable as it might seem, your baby probably does not need a hat to sleep in at night. Keep the accessories to the cute daytime outfits and leave them out of the crib. 

You want to avoid all loose articles of clothing. A hat can easily slip off of a baby’s head and accidentally cover up their face, which goes against safe sleeping guidelines. To add a bit more – your baby self regulates their heat through their little head, and covering it can lead to overheating.


Stick To Something Snug

Snug baby pajamas are always preferred because they are less likely to ride up. Well-fitted apparel can prevent the fabric from obstructing a baby’s face and becoming a danger.


How Can I Be Sure That My Baby Is Comfortable? 

Learning to understand what your newborn wants and needs is like learning a new language without a translating dictionary.

They can’t talk to us yet, so we really have to rely on their cries, facial expressions, and other physical movements to alert us that something is up. While there are a couple of quick tips we can throw into the mix here, we also suggest trusting your parental instincts — you’ve got this!

If you’ve checked all of your nightly routine boxes (fed, changed, held, etc.) and your baby still seems distressed, it could be that they are uncomfortable in their outfit, too hot, or too cold. This means they might need a clothing adjustment of some sort.

There are also a few more explicit physical indicators of baby discomfort. Any rashes, wet hair, super red cheeks, fast breathing, or sweat could be a few signs that your baby may be overheating. In this case, you’ll want to strip down your baby ASAP by removing some clothing layers and turning down the room's overall temperature if you can.

When in doubt, feel your baby’s skin on their neck, tummy, or chest. If these specific areas are sweaty or hot at all, you’ll want to take all the precautions to cool down your little one.

Some possible ways to keep your cool baby cooler:

  • Offer fluids (breastmilk, formula, or water, depending on your baby’s age and diet)
  • Bathe your baby with soap and paraben-free baby wash to accommodate their not-yet developed sweat glands
  • Opt for sun-blocking curtains or shades in the nursery
  • Use a fan in their room (but not pointed directly at the crib)

What Are the Rules on Additional Layers?

Before we get into the specifics of what constitutes good baby clothing, let’s cover some basics. 

Most of us are familiar with the classic rule of thumb: When dressing your baby (especially in cooler weather), dress them in one more layer of clothing than you’re wearing. However, this rule, while generally awesome, applies mostly to out-and-about days, not for sleeping. 

While adults may love to pile on the duvets and fluffy blankets, babies shouldn’t sleep with loose blankets at all. So how do you keep a sleeping baby warm? 

Part of the answer lies in adjusting your thermostat: read below.


What’s the Ideal Nursery Room Temperature?

With some minor adjustments, it’s simple to make your baby’s room the ideal sleeping environment. Generally, the optimal bedtime temperature for a baby’s room is somewhere around 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 22 degrees Celsius).

Usually, it’s better to have a slightly underdressed baby than the alternative. The dangers of overheating are real and have shown to be a leading risk factor in cases of SIDS in newborns. Overheating is a concern for infants and for babies up until their toddler years, so keep an eye on how much clothing you put on your little one overnight. 


Everything You Need To Know About Swaddling

Babies all wrapped up in a cute little blanket… is there anything cuter than that? 

A nice, lightweight swaddle can soothe a colicky or fussy baby. It can help our little ones nod off quicker when put down for a nap or a peaceful night. Some think that swaddling reminds babies of the good ol’ days when they camped out in the mother’s womb.


Is It Safe To Swaddle Babies?

Swaddling babies has been the healthcare standard for as long as we can remember (and probably even before that). However, this topic is far more nuanced than one might assume. 

This technique can be safe, but it can also pose some dangers. Swaddling can become dangerous when your baby learns how to flip on their back or side. When your baby reaches this stage of growth, it is time for them to graduate to some other great sleeping options. 

Additionally, if the loose blanket comes undone, it can obstruct your baby’s face, which is definitely something to avoid.


How To Pick a Swaddle

We suggest choosing an organic cotton swaddle to keep your baby comfortable. This will also allow for flexibility and movement even though they are swaddled — Big win.

Swaddling and sleep sacks (or sleeping bags for only very cold climates) aren’t the only option. If you have a baby who likes to have their feet free, there are tons of other options that still make sleep safe and comfortable. 


One Outfit We Love

We suggest our Tabeeze Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit for the ultimate in baby apparel. 

Our bodysuit has patented shoulder flaps and fumble-free snap alignment. At Tabeeze, we maximize the efficiency of our bodysuits for skin-to-skin contact and diaper changes. 

Our onesie is 100% GOTS Certified Organic. This sustainable, highly-regulated material is free from chemicals and synthetic materials. Plus, 100% organic cotton keeps things cool and breathable on those warm summer days.


Make Changing Diapers Easy

We know that having your little one look dapper and adorable is one of the most fun parts of being a new parent — but for clothing, convenience is key. 

The odds are that you’ll be changing quite a few diapers during the day. If your little one needs a diaper change while napping, the patented Tabezee Bottom-Up design unsnaps at the shoulders, and you can pull it down feet first. So, if you’re nimble enough, you can change a napping baby’s diaper without waking them up. 


Got It All?

Finding the perfect pajamas for your growing baby can be a fun shopping experience when you’re armed with the right info. We hope that this guide equipped you with some great examples of baby-friendly sleepwear and tips and tricks to ensure your babies' comfort and safety at bedtime.

Keep it easy and breezy with Tabeeze. 



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