Diaper Bag Checklist: What To Include

Diaper Bag Checklist: What To Include - Tabeeze
Diaper Bag Checklist: What To Include - Tabeeze

As a new parent, your diaper bag is the ultimate sidekick. Traveling with babies can be hectic, so you want to keep your diaper bag organized to help keep your baby clean and comfortable. After all, you will be bringing your diaper bag practically everywhere you go.

Many parents, especially new ones, have questions about what to pack in their diaper bags. At Tabeeze, we know the tips and tricks to ease the burden of traveling with the newest and youngest members of your crew. 


What Are the Ultimate Diaper Bag Essentials? 

Deciding what items to pack in your diaper bag depends on where you are going and how long you will be gone. However, including these essential items will help in your day-to-day.


1. Diapers 

It’s obvious that you need extra diapers, but how many should you pack?

Consider packing at least one to two diapers per hour you are out. However, this will change based on factors like your baby’s age and weight. Feel free to grab a few more to be extra cautious. It doesn’t hurt.


2. Wipes

Add a full package of wipes to your diaper bag. Baby wipes are a top diaper bag essential item because of their versatility.

Not only do they clean a baby's bottom, but you can also use them to wipe your kid’s face, wash your hands, wipe down changing pads or tables, and so much more.


3. Extra Baby Outfit 

Spit-ups, spills, and leaks happen. So, grab an extra pair of clothes — or two — for your baby as a backup. 

Changing your baby during an outing often comes with challenges, so Tabeeze is here to help. We’ve made the world’s first Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit which makes changing your baby a breeze.

This unique baby bodysuit has snaps at the shoulders, making it easier to change a sleeping baby (or a baby who just went through one of those diapers you packed). You don't have to worry about moving their head or pulling their tiny arms through armholes. Tabeeze products are also 100% GOTS Certified Organic, making them perfect for babes with sensitive skin.


4. Bibs

Protect your Tabeeze Bottom-Up Bodysuit with extra bibs — spills, spit-ups, and stray applesauce happen. If you plan on feeding your baby during an outing, or if they are a heavy drooler, bring an extra bib to help keep your baby clean and dry.


5. Toys 

Add toys to your diaper bag to help keep your baby entertained. For babies who are teething, don’t forget a teething ring.


6. Pacifiers

If your baby uses a pacifier, throw it in the bag. Store them in a sealable plastic bag, and bring pacifier wipes to keep pacifiers sanitary.


7. Changing Pad

Changing pads are a lifesaver when it comes to having to change your baby. Many diaper bags come equipped with changing pads. However, you may want to bring one that’s a little larger.


8. Diaper Rash Ointment

Bring diaper rash ointment to help prevent diaper rash. Use a travel-sized bottle to help save space. Petroleum jelly or aloe vera are also good alternatives.


9. Bottles and Other Feeding Supplies

If you are pumping or expressing milk, make sure to bring your clean, food-grade container of choice. These could include bottles 

Best storage pratices for breast milk call for clean, food-grade containers. These empty containers can be glass or BPA-free hard plastic.


10. Formula or Breast Milk

Whether breastfeeding your baby or giving them formula, pack enough to last throughout the day. Packing a bottle warmer also comes in handy if you have a compact one. If you’re using formula, you may want to prefill the bottles with the correct amount of formula. Then, add water to it when your baby is ready to feed. 

Keep some room in the diaper bag for whichever type of water you regularly use. Some water sources, like tap water or water with high fluoride content, may not be safe.


11. Baby First Aid Kit

It’s not unusual for minor accidents to happen during an outing, so, it’s good to have a small and compact first aid kit on hand just in case.

A mini first aid kit includes:

  • Multiple adhesive bandages
  • Junior plastic bandages
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Towelettes
  • An antibiotic ointment packet

A first aid kit can also help parents who may experience cuts or abrasions.


Additional Diaper Bag Items 

These items may not be as important for some parents, but they are still beneficial. Since outings with your baby can be unpredictable, having these additional items as part of your diaper bag checklist will take your diaper bag to the next level.


12. Blanket

No matter the weather, a baby blanket always comes in handy. You can use it as a stroller cover to protect your baby from the sun, a floor mat, a breastfeeding cover, a swaddle, etc.


13. Nursing Pads

If you are a nursing mom, consider packing an extra set of nursing pads. That way, you’ll be able to avoid any leaks.


14. Seasonal Clothing Accessories

Besides the extra clothes you bring, consider bringing additional seasonal items for your baby. Pack a thicker jacket, extra socks, and a beanie in the winter months. If it’s a hot day outside, consider packing your baby a sun hat. If it’s breezy, pack a light jacket or sweater.


15. Sunscreen

According to the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you can introduce sunscreen to your baby at six months old. Babies under six months should be kept out of direct sunlight


Items To Bring for Parents

When packing your diaper bag, don’t forget about yourself. A diaper bag is not only suitable for baby items, but it’s also good to bring items needed by parents. 

Using a diaper bag as a purse will also help make traveling lighter. A diaper bag can be an extension of a purse or backpack. Include your wallet, phone, keys, etc., in the diaper bag.

You can also add your sunglasses, a water bottle, or a snack for yourself. You may encounter a few spills and spit-ups caused by your baby, so pack an extra shirt for yourself if possible.


Extra Diaper Bag Tips

  • When it comes to purchasing a diaper bag, you’ll want to make sure the diaper bag has a lot of compartments and pockets. You’ll never know what you’ll need at any time, so you’ll want plenty of compartments and pockets for your items to keep you organized.
  • Consider using two diaper bags. Have a minimalist bag for quicker trips, and have a more detailed bag for longer trips. Some parents even keep a basic essential diaper bag in the car, so they are never without it. 
  • Picking a diaper bag that is waterproof or water-resistant can ensure it weathers any storm.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

When it comes to your diaper bag checklist, every parent is different, and every baby is different. Be strategic when packing your diaper bag.

Where are you going and for how long? What are some possible scenarios that could happen? No matter who you are or where you go, following this checklist will help you ensure your outing with your baby will be less stressful and make you feel at ease. And no matter where you go, Tabeeze is here to help. 




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