Baby Pajamas Perfect for Summer

Baby Pajamas Perfect for Summer - Tabeeze
Baby Pajamas Perfect for Summer - Tabeeze

So it’s starting to get hot and sweaty in the summertime, and you’ve got a little one to keep comfortable at night. You’re probably wondering what type of pajamas help your baby feel comfortable and cool in the summer heat.

There are just so many types of baby pajamas out there! For something our babies just wear to bed, there certainly seems to be an unlimited amount of options. Before you open too many tabs on your browser of choice, we’re here to make this process super simple.

Here at Tabeeze, we know that shopping can be fun but a little overwhelming, so we’re here to streamline the process. 

We’ve compiled some factors to consider when deciding how to dress your baby for bed this summer. We want to save you all the Google searches that we can. 


So What Do I Look For?

As we enter summertime, you might be wondering what the best pajamas for your young one are. At Tabeeze, we’ve prepared our best suggestions of what to think about and look for when picking your baby’s summer PJs. 

When we think about the summer, we generally think about warmth. But when it comes to the temperature of your home, temperatures depend on a few things since everyone’s home environment is different. 

Even though it’s warm outside during the summer, maybe you keep it pleasantly cool in your home with air conditioning. Maybe you do your best to banish the summer heat with electric fans, certain curtains, or other cooling mechanisms. Regardless, the temperature of your house is going to help you make the decisions about what your baby wears to bed.

Regardless of your home’s indoor summertime temperature, babies might need more layers that are specific to their hyper-sensitive skin.


Warm House People – Read Here:

Suppose your house tends to stay on the toastier side during the summer, or you encounter a warmer than usual night. In that case, you want to put your baby in a breathable pajama material, ideally cotton. This will ensure that any sweat gets wicked away, and the fabric stays breathable during the night if things get warm. 

(this needs to have bamboo removed, and jersey is not a fabric - we should always ONLY be recommending cotton, specifically that is 100% GOTS Certified Organic)We figured we would let you know why these fabrics are your best picks:

  1. Cotton: is soft, comfy, and ultra-breathable. It’s a classic for a reason. However, some cotton fibers may harbor hidden chemicals, including over 84 million pounds of pesticides.
  2. Bamboo: isgreat for babies with sensitive skin. It’s also breathable, can be thermal regulating, and won’t shrink. Bamboo is also a super sustainable option, but bamboo can also be an invasive species that may endanger local ecosystems.
  3. Jersey: is soft, flexible, breathable, and doesn’t shrink in the dryer (wahoo!). Jersey has all the perks of cotton without any annoying shrinkage. However, by itself, jersey fabric doesn’t last as long as its peers,
  4. An organic jersey/cotton blend: is our personal favorite. These two fabrics blended together are the choice of all Tabeeze products. With the affordability of cotton and jersey, this blend is 100% GOTS Certified Organic, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and super breathable.

When you decide which fabric is right for your family, think about what form it should take. We love a onesie. Stick with a short sleeve onesie or pajama set, and you are golden. Even with a light sleep sack (like a wearable blanket that many babies love), your little one should stay nice and relaxed during a warm summer night. 


Cool House People – This Is for You:

Of course, you want your baby to be nice and cool during a summer’s day, but at night, we might need to rethink that low-temperature reading. Some climates, especially deserts, can experience very chilly nights come summer.

If your baby sleeps in a cold room at the end of the day, you will want to make sure they still stay warm, regardless of the season. More material and layers are still key during a summer night if you keep things chilly inside.

If your baby’s room is kept cool at night, you may want to think about adding some layers to their pajama set. Whether this is a long sleeve pajama set or some long pants over a short sleeve onesie, cover your baby up to protect against that chilly air. Maybe even throw in a sleep sack for good measure.


Your Little One Is Sensitive!

When the summer feels like a million degrees, and it’s hard to want to sleep with any clothes on at all, take a second to remember that your baby’s body is much more sensitive than yours is to the elements. 

Even if it feels like you should bundle your baby up, finding the optimal amount of coverage and breathability for their pajamas is a delicate balance. A general rule of thumb is that any temps under 68 degrees could do for some long sleeves and covered legs, and anything over 68 could do for some short sleeves and still covered legs.

With babies, less really isn’t more, even during the summertime. Carefully-considered layers will become your best friend when it comes to your baby’s comfort.


Tabeeze Has You (And Your Family) Covered!

Here at Tabeeze, we seriously care about you and your baby’s comfort — everywhere, all of the time. We were founded with the goal of creating adaptable, functional babywear that makes fuss-free the new norm! Because your baby doesn’t deserve to be fussy, and neither do you.

Our Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit is the perfect addition to your little one’s summer pajama wardrobe. Whether they wear it during the day or at night, this bodysuit is adaptable in all of the right ways, regardless of the weather.

Its short-sleeved, patented shoulder flaps and fumble-free snap alignment can keep your babe cool and calm on warmer nights. This legless bodysuit also allows for easy layering for brisk summer nights when you might want to bundle up that cutie of yours. 

Overall, our Tabeeze Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit makes dressing your baby for any occasion easier (and cuter). You shouldn’t have to sweat putting your baby to bed in the summertime, no matter how sweaty you actually are yourself. So, make your life easier by picking our bodysuit for your babe’s PJs this summer season, whether it is to add layers or take them away.



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