Unique Baby Announcement Gifts for Grandparents

Unique Baby Announcement Gifts for Grandparents - Tabeeze
Unique Baby Announcement Gifts for Grandparents - Tabeeze

Once the news of your pregnancy finally sinks in, you might feel excited to share this amazing journey with your outside world. At the top of many people’s “must tell” list are the grandparents-to-be. Who better to know you’ll be raising a little one than the folks who raised you?

Whether you like to keep things subtle or enjoy a bit more flair, you only get one chance to tell the grandparents. So, why not make it an unforgettable reveal? You will likely remember these moments forever, so make them as sweet as possible.

At a loss for ideas? Don’t worry about it. Tabeeze has compiled a list of 16 memorable pregnancy announcement ideas to surprise and charm future grandparents. There is bound to be one that you love, or at least some inspiration to put your own spin on.

So put your feet up, rest, and read — you deserve it. Let’s talk about baby announcements for grandparents.


Baby Apparel

Let’s start simple. You can’t go wrong with the classic gift of baby apparel to the grandparents-to-be. Not only is this gift easy to interpret, but it’s also great for grandparents who might not have had a newborn baby in their home for years.

Some grandparents-to-be will want to put the baby bodysuit in a shadow frame to gaze at for the next nine months. Others might promptly transform their office into a nursery and neatly fold the onesie until it’s their turn to babysit.

If the grandparents-to-be are excited to babysit, they’ll need baby clothes that are easy to put on. That’s where the Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit comes in to save the day. It’s the only baby bodysuit with patented shoulder flaps and a bottom-up design to make dressing the little one as easy as possible. (Your parents spent enough time maneuvering their own squirming babies’ heads through a onesie; they don’t need to struggle with that again!)

Not only is Tabezee incredibly user-friendly, but it’s also eco-friendly (and adorable). The Tabeeze bodysuit is 100% GOTS Certified Organic so that your baby’s clothes are as gentle on your little one’s skin as you are. 

After the unwrapping and the cheering and happy tears, you can casually drop that these bodysuits are on your baby registry…


Pet Clothing

Do the grandparents have a beloved pet who has been around forever? Maybe you even grew up with that cute canine or furry feline. Maybe you have a furchild of your own!

Order a doggy or kitty t-shirt with a printed message, dress them in the shirt, and casually let them walk around at your next gathering to show it off. Consider phrases like “I’m about to be an uncle” or “Future Big Sister” for the fluffy family member. Make it even more straightforward with “Baby [insert your last name] coming soon.”

You’ll surprise everyone there and have a memory forever associated with a beloved pet. We would call that a two-fur-one (because who doesn’t love a pet pun?).



Are one or both future grandparents very into taking photos or making scrapbooks? This crafty idea would make the perfect announcement. Make or buy a scrapbook with a cover that says something like “The Life of Baby [insert your name].” 

Not only is this one heartfelt and creative, but it provides a wonderful opportunity for the happy grandparents to document the life of the newest grandchild for years to come. As they collect memories, they can add to the scrapbook, one day gifting that book to their grandchild.



Do the grandparents-to-be have a sweet tooth? Well, then it might not be all that uncommon to bring a treat every now and again. Head over to their favorite bakery, order the best cupcakes on the menu, and have the exciting message written in frosting.

This plan is the essence of a sweet surprise. You all deserve a treat after the exciting news, and what better way to do that than to eat some celebratory cupcakes with fellow baked-good-lovers?


Ultrasound Frame

If you are looking for a more straightforward idea, this is the one for you. After your first ultrasound photos, get some copies made. Pick out a nice frame, DIY a message on the top or bottom of it, and add your sonogram photo. 

This method cuts to the chase and is still sentimental. Ultrasound photos are such an intimate moment. Sharing these snapshots with the grandparents-to-be is a sign of love and appreciation, initiating them into the exciting new roles as loving mentors and guides.


Grandparent T-Shirt

If the future grandparents are the masters of a good ole’ corny t-shirt, this is undoubtedly the best option for an announcement. Get a set of grandparent-themed t-shirts, gift them the next time you’re with your people, and bam! Not only is a new t-shirt acquired, but they can flaunt it with pride. 

Even if they never wear the t-shirt, it’s a sweet, funny, and unpredictable way to reveal your pregnancy — and they’ll never forget that day each time they take that shirt out of the dresser drawer.


Bottle of Wine or Another Beverage

Who doesn’t enjoy a little adult indulgence? If sweets aren’t quite the future grandparents' thing, perhaps a bottle of wine will be. If they’re wine connoisseurs, that calls for a custom label. Make your pregnancy announcement on a bottle of wine so the grandparents-to-be can toast to you and your new journey. 

If they aren’t wine people, you can substitute this idea for any other adult beverage or mocktail with a customizable label. Just pick one of their favorites and commit — they’ll both appreciate both gifts that come with this idea.



If the future grandparents have a candle lit every time you enter the house or just generally enjoy some ambiance, why not put your big news on a candle label? Candles are sweet, sentimental, and unsuspecting.

If this seems up their alley, they’ll treasure a customized candle. Throw your announcement on the label, and voila — a yummy smelling, memorable gift to share your news with the grandparents. Every time they light that candle, they’ll be reminded of the little one on the way.


Holiday Ornament 

Did you find out about your little one right around the holidays? A holiday ornament decorated to serve as your pregnancy announcement both fits the season and the occasion. If you’re a family who exchanges gifts around the holidays, the future grandparents will never see this one coming.

Unlike other methods that are one-and-done, ornaments are used year after year. This ornament will always serve as a special reminder of your pregnancy — even as your little one grows up.



Did your family become as obsessed with puzzles during the pandemic as the rest of us? If so, this might be the pregnancy reveal plan for you. You can find so many customizable puzzles on the internet; the options are endless.

Spend the day or evening completing this customizable puzzle with the grandparents-to-be and watch as their faces light up when they complete it and figure out the real surprise. This tactic requires some patience and some teamwork; we truly can’t think of anything more rewarding than that!


Grandkid Decor

If you’re not the first to bring a grandkid into the family, don’t fret. Order or make the grandparents some decor with the names of all the grandkids included, whether a sign, an embroidered pillow, or some fridge magnets.

Here’s the catch: Somewhere amongst the names, whether they’re scattered or in order of birth, add in “new baby” or “baby [insert your name here].” Not only will this decoration represent all of the grandkids they love so dear, but it also makes for a sweet, family-focused pregnancy announcement.


Countdown Board

Are you the kind of folks who count down the days to the next big holiday or family vacation? Give the future grandparents a pregnancy announcement that lasts with a homemade (or purchased, no shame!) countdown board until the new baby comes to town. 

This idea is cute as heck and interactive. Once you know your due date, gift the grandparents-to-be a countdown board. From there, they can count the days to the newest arrival.


A New Plant Baby

If the future grandparents have a garden fit for the gods, this reveal is definitely it. Whether it is a seedling or another lush, green plant for the house, get something new and naturally beautiful. The key here is to include a “to” and “from” on the new plant baby: To my grandparents, from your newest grandkid!

This idea is fitting for any nature-loving grandparents, and it makes for a lifelong gift. Plants are resilient and can grow up alongside your new baby. Every time your newest family member visits their grandparents, they can tend the garden together. It’s not nature vs. nurture; it’s nurturing nature.


Scratch Tickets

This announcement idea plays into the element of surprise, as most people would assume it’s just a normal ticket until the scratching is done and the message is revealed. Future grandparents might not win a million bucks from this scratch ticket, but they’ll have a one-in-a-million memory.



If either grandparent is a big fan of jewelry, the gift of a customized grandparent piece is both thoughtful and unique. Whether it be a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or something else — this serves as a gift and a reminder that can be worn daily.

Have your chosen piece customized with a name like “grandma” or “grandpa” on the surface. See their eyes grow wide when they process the surprise.


Customized Candy

If either of the future grandparents has a sweet tooth for chocolate, order customized M&M’s with baby-related or grandparent-related images and words.

Casually hand over the M&M’s, mention that it’s customized, and watch as the grandparents-to-be put the pieces together while enjoying a classic, chocolatey candy. What could be better than enjoying a little chocolate and finding out there’s a grandbaby on the way? 


Grand Ideas for a Baby Announcement

Let’s celebrate the people who brought you into this world by letting them be the first to know about your pregnancy in a way they will cherish for the rest of their life. 

A memorable pregnancy announcement sticks with you, the parent, forever and means the world to a grandparent as well. We hope that this list helped narrow down how to make your pregnancy announcement. You’ve got enough on your mind right now, so let the inspiration for your life-changing news be stress-free.



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