10 Adorable & Sustainable Ideas for Your Baby’s Coming Home Outfit

10 Adorable & Sustainable Ideas for Your Baby’s Coming Home Outfit - Tabeeze
10 Adorable & Sustainable Ideas for Your Baby’s Coming Home Outfit - Tabeeze

While you are patiently awaiting the arrival of your newest family member, there are a ton of things to think about. 

You’ve probably already decorated the nursery, purchased at least a shelf of future baby books, and filled a couple of drawers with adorable newborn clothes — but there is always more to ponder when it comes to the new baby about to arrive.

Whether the drive from the hospital or birthing center is ten minutes or a couple of hours, that first outfit your new baby wears is sentimental. 

While it might sound cheesy, this is your newborn’s “hello world!” fit — and you deserve to feel proud of their first outfit. There will likely be many photos in this first fit of theirs and many first moments meeting family and friends, so make it iconic.

At Tabeeze, we’d like to make even the extra decisions feel a bit easier by providing you with some quick tips and inspiration. 

Make your baby’s coming home outfit perfect with our handy tips and suggestions. Our ideas are for you to use in whatever way feels best — follow your new-parent heart.


How Do You Choose Your Baby’s Coming Home Outfit?

When thinking about your baby’s coming home outfit, comfort, ease, and the weather should be factors on your mind. 

Before we share our adorable outfit ideas with you, we want to equip you with some basic pointers to help you make any baby outfit runway and playpen-ready.


Easy To Dress 

While it’s tempting to focus on your newborn's adorableness and try to make their first outfit as photogenic as possible, there’s a bit more to consider. This outfit has to last beyond the walk out of the hospital and the ride home. 

Choose an outfit that will make the undressing and redressing of your newborn as simple as possible. We know something fancy sounds cute, but we promise it won’t feel as cute when you’ve got a fussy newborn on your hands.

Apparel like the Bottom-Up Bodysuit makes dressing and undressing your tiny one as easy as snapping your fingers. It’s easy to Tabezee: It just slides up their adorable little legs and snaps by their shoulders. No fuss, no muss, no tears. 


Prepare With Extra Diapers

You’re going to be changing a lot of diapers. 

There’s no telling when the first diaper blowout will happen. With this in mind, pick a coming home outfit that will be quick to take on and off in the event of a necessary diaper change. 

You won’t want to deal with any complicated or tricky snaps, ties, or buttons, so pick something that makes that process simple. Less is more.


Bring a Spare Outfit

Bring two outfits — because you never know what is going to happen on the ride home from the hospital.

Welcome to parenthood, where things can change on a dime. You might decide to go with two different sizes in case your little one ends up being bigger or smaller than expected. Or, maybe you want to bring an extra in case of a blowout or some spit-up. 

Regardless, it’s always better to come prepared in case of a baby-change emergency.


Material Matters

Organic cotton is super reliable and safe for your newborn’s skin. Cotton provides warmth and moisture-wicking capabilities, making it the right fit for any weather your little one’s coming home day might bring. 

Your baby goes through a long journey to get here, and so do your baby’s clothes. Between the cotton farming, construction process, shipping, and arriving at your front door, you want it all made with love. Since we can’t test or regulate for “Made with love,” the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the next best thing.

To be 100% GOTS Certified, a product must meet very rigorous standards in terms of farming, employee working conditions, and shipment. 

Bottom line: trust the fabric, love the outfit.


Onesies Are Ideal

Onesies are adaptable and allow for layers to be added to your baby’s coming home outfit. Whether it’s a warm or cool day, you can never go wrong with adding some layers on top of a convenient baby onesie

Regardless of the weather, keeping your newborn somewhat wrapped up is always better to protect them from the elements.

Generally, caregivers dress babies with warmth in mind, as little ones have a harder time regulating their body temperatures than adults. It’s a good rule of thumb to dress your baby in the layers you’re wearing, with one additional layer for baby.

However, if the temperature is soaring, the new priority is to ensure babies don’t overheat. In this case, your baby might just rock a diaper with their Bottom-Up Bodysuit turned down.


Less Is More

When bringing your baby home, use as few articles of clothing as possible.

This can help you to prevent forgetting things — which is pretty likely since a lot has just changed in your world. 

Pick something that combines several articles of baby clothes, like our Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuits. These 100% GOTS Certified Organic and eco-friendly onesies provide your baby with a top and a bottom and pair perfectly with your favorite accessories.


To Hat or Not To Hat?

If you are dead set on the adorable hat, go for it. However, most hospitals and birthing centers have complementary hats that are perfect for going home with your newborn. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about that cute hat you bought not fitting, either.

Now, without further ado, here are our favorite cute and sustainable ideas for your baby’s first outfit.


Try a Gown

Baby gowns are sort of like dresses that close at the bottom. Whether shaped like a sack or designed with a quick tie, baby gowns are a breeze to take on and off. 

Choosing a gown as your baby’s coming home outfit is both adorable and functional. They are remarkably easy to change in a pinch and keep your little one comfy and cozy. You can opt for a short or long sleeve gown based on the weather, and know that your baby’s feet will stay covered either way.


Keep It Gender Neutral

Decided to keep that gender reveal a secret until the last second? Maybe you even chose a name that will fit either way. There’s no reason to change your strategy once your baby arrives.

Instead of bringing multiple outfit options that rely on the binary standards of gender, pick a gender-neutral option. That way, your baby can rock their coming home outfit even if the prenatal ultrasound wasn’t as accurate as your OBGYN thought it was.

Gender-neutral options for babies are on the rise these days, and there’s plenty to love about them. These clothes usually feature colors or patterns that fit any baby. Examples of some classics include gold, rust, and white.

If you opted to keep your baby’s gender a surprise for your entire pregnancy, the odds are that you’ve already got quite a few gender-neutral options to pick from, possibly including one of our Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuits. Choose your favorite, and you’re all set.


Matching Layers

If the weather for your baby’s birthday seems unpredictable, or you just can’t seem to decide how to dress them for their way home, why not just ease your mind by going with a layered look?

One of the best ways to dress your newborn is with a Tabeeze Bottom-Up Bodysuit as your base layer. Available in multiple gorgeous colors, it’s a perfect layering piece to pair with booties, a hat, and a warm pair of socks. Plus, if you have a diaper blowout sooner than expected, changing one of your baby’s very first diapers will be a (fumble-free) snap.


Best Options for Summer Babies

If your little one is born in the warmer months, you may want to opt for fewer layers. Maybe simply dress them in a comfy onesie that’s easy to remove.

Keep the sleeves short and the legs free if you’ve got a summer baby on your hands. 

Pick a summery, seasonal pattern to take your warm-weather baby’s coming home look to the next level. You can start with a vibrant solid color as your base and add depth with some accessories, from cute caps to tiny socks. If you love the idea of shoes, go for it, but at this point, they’re purely ornamental — those boots are definitely not made for walking (just yet).


Best Options for Winter Babies

Maybe your baby is coming in the dead of winter. If you've got a December, January, February, or March due date, your strategy for dressing your newborn will look a little bit different.

You’re in luck; there are a ton of adorable coming-home ideas that will keep them toasty and warm. Start with a base layer of a comfortable, sustainable onesie. Build on top of that to get the perfect layering combo.

While you don’t want your baby to overheat, it is essential during those bitterly cold months to make sure they’re covered up to stay warm. Covering your baby’s head, limbs, hands, and feet is a safe place to start. 

Go for a memorable seasonal pattern like snowflakes, snowmen, or pine trees to layer over a sustainable, simple white onesie. Crafty parents-to-be might even want to sew a little cardigan for a coming-home outfit with a deeply personal touch. When choosing a pattern, cardigans tend to be better than a sweater — getting clothes over a baby’s head can prove to be a challenge.


Matching Hats and Onesies

If you are sold on having the perfect hat for your baby’s coming home outfit, try matching its color to the onesie they’re wearing. That way, you’ll have a cute and cohesive look.

It’s simple to find adorable matching hats for onesies in classic colors like blue and white. We all know those hospital hats are adorable, but why not take it up a notch with your baby’s own unique coming home hat and matching onesie?


A Personalized Outfit 

If you want to really get personal with it, why not have a personalized hat or pair of socks made for your baby’s coming home day? Have your baby’s monogrammed initials put onto a cozy accessory, so their first getup is entirely their own. 

Who knew a baby could look so classy?

This option might cost a bit more, but it can be deeply personal and sentimental later in life — and it’s definitely meaningful for you as a parent. To have their first-ever outfit marked with their own name ensures that this is a moment you will never forget.


Sentimental Hand-Me-Downs

Cherished hand-me-downs can hold a ton of sentimental weight. 

Maybe there is an outfit that your baby’s sibling wore on their coming home day or something that’s been passed down through generations of your family for coming home attire. 

This option is especially sustainable, as it involves reusing the clothes you already have for your new baby. Hand-me-downs are more than just sentimental items; they’re also an eco-friendly choice that reduces the number of new clothes you need to buy for your baby.

Having something travel with your family for years is special in a way that can’t be replicated. You can even layer hand-me-down items with a new onesie to make their outfit complete. Not everything your baby wears needs to be passed down from an older sibling, but layering new items with old ones makes their outfits more sustainable and sentimental.

You don’t need your baby to wear brand new clothes home for the moment to be memorable. Fond memories are worth more than anything, and hand-me-downs can help you make them.

Who knows? Maybe one day, your baby’s baby will wear it too.


Sibling Set

Will your newborn have an eager sibling awaiting them when they arrive home from the hospital or birthing center? 

Why not have their outfit include a matching element with their brother or sister? If your other child is still young, it might help them feel included in the process to match their new sibling’s coming home outfit.

One of the simplest ways to match the new siblings is with color coordinating. For example, if your baby comes home in a gold onesie, their sibling can wear gold, too.


Make a Statement

Adding a unique embroidered message can make your baby’s coming-home outfit extra personal. This saying could be something like, “Happy to be here,” “Ready to party,” or “Hello there.”

Get ready for all the nurses and doctors to smile; this is a sure-fire winner.


Why Choose Tabeeze?

Here at Tabeeze, we know those first coming home moments are ultra special. That’s a big part of why we care about making sustainable, comfortable, safe, and adorable baby fashion. 

If you can’t decide on a coming home outfit for your newborn, Tabeeze Bottom-up Baby Bodysuit is a fantastic element to include. Whether you accessorize it or leave it plain and simple for a more subtle look, our Bodysuit will make your baby’s first outfit adorable, simple, and eco-friendly.

As a new parent, you’ve got enough to stress about. Don’t let your baby’s first outfit be a source of worries — it should be fun. 

Our Baby Bodysuit has patented shoulder flaps that make skin-to-skin bonding possible without fully undressing your baby. We also use a feet-first, bottom-up method that prevents stretching and keeps diaper blowouts away from your little one’s head and face.

Lastly, we do our best to keep our onesies as sustainable as possible. We are 100% GOTS Certified Organic so that you know you’re getting a product that is safe and clean for you and your little one.

If accessibility, sustainability, and style are all on your list for your baby’s coming home outfit, this onesie might be the one for you.


Making Their Grand Entrance

We know that those first moments outside of a hospital or birthing center are sentimental. That’s why we created this list of tips and ideas to help you pick the perfect outfit for your newborn baby to wear into the world for the first time.

As a new parent, we know you are already worried about too many things. Don’t let something like an adorable coming home outfit cause you any extra stress. You don’t deserve that, and neither does your new baby.

We hope this post gave you some inspiration for your baby’s first fit. 

Here at Tabeeze, we care about making your life easier, and that goes for both our products and the advice we give. Both dressing and parenting should be as smooth as possible — so let’s make it happen together. 



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