15 Ideas for Baby Dedication Gifts

15 Ideas for Baby Dedication Gifts - Tabeeze
15 Ideas for Baby Dedication Gifts - Tabeeze

A baby dedication is a special time in a parent's life.

It's an opportunity for loved ones to come together to celebrate and welcome a new baby into the community. A baby dedication is also about parents and their commitment to raising their child as best as they can.

A baby dedication can have different meanings for different parents and can be religious or secular. No matter what, a dedication is a memorable occasion and a perfect time to celebrate.

Looking for the oh-so-perfect baby's dedication gift? You’re in the right place — Tabeezehas everything you need to give a gift on this day. 


How Do You Make Your Baby Dedication Gift Personal?

A personalized keepsake is one of the best gifts to give on a baby’s dedication day. 

Personalized gifts are a perfect way to celebrate a cherished occasion. Give your gift an elegant touch by engraving the baby's name or initials, the date of the dedication ceremony, or a significant note or poem.

Below is a list of some examples that you can DIY or purchase:


A Photo Frame

A custom photo frame is always a sweet baby dedication gift. You can personalize the photo frame by adding the baby's name or the family's last name and adding a customized message or blessing to the photo frame.

Everyone keeps their photos on their smartphones these days, but photos you can hang on the wall are exceptional. Real photos make fantastic home decor and keep treasured memories at the forefront of your mind.


A Scrapbook or Photo Album

Baby dedication gifts don't have to be expensive to be heartfelt or meaningful. Sometimes, a truly personal touch is one you make yourself.

If you have an eye for photography, grab a camera or a smartphone and take some photos of the family during the baby’s dedication ceremony. Once you have all the photos you want to add, insert the photos into a photo album. When choosing the photo album itself, be intentional about which one you select. For example, photo albums covered in plant-dyed organic cotton and hemp ensure that your gift contributes to maintaining the world this new baby inherits. 

If you are a parent looking for a dedication gift for your own baby, take some family photos before and after the day of dedication and preserve them in a scrapbook or a photo book. 

If photography isn’t your thing, you can create a scrapbook with all of the photos you have of the family and the baby from other people. Include handwritten notes and letters to add an even more unique touch. 

Whether you are a parent to a baby who is getting dedicated or a family member or friend, a scrapbook is an exceptional gift that will last forever.


Baby Dedication Puzzle 

As babies grow, they get more curious about the world around them. Kids need fun ways to challenge their minds, which is where puzzles come in. 

Puzzles help with a child's memory skills, encourage spatial reasoning skills, and help them learn shapes and colors. Plus, a child’s parents will have a blast watching their little one try it out.

Try childproof puzzles for a gift the guest of honor can use soon or a more elaborate and detailed puzzle they can attempt after acquiring fine motor skills (and the knowledge not to put everything in their mouth).

Personalized puzzles with the baby's name on them are also wonderful dedication gifts. With one of these puzzles, they’ll be spelling their name like a champ in no time.


Personalized Jewelry 

Gifting personalized jewelry is always sweet and thoughtful. Consider giving a necklace or bracelet with the baby's name or initials for a personal flair. It's cute, thoughtful, and something the baby will keep when they're older. You may want to include additional links so the jewelry item can grow with them.


A Jewelry Box 

An engraved jewelry box will also make a meaningful gift a baby will appreciate as they age. There are many jewelry box styles to choose from, which makes finding your favorite a fun challenge.


Personalized Bibs 

Consider giving a one-of-a-kind bib as a baby dedication gift. 

All you have to do is create a custom bib online with the baby’s name on it. Make sure it’s in a color that pairs well with their wardrobe. You could even make it even more dazzling with a short, sweet message embroidered.


An Engraved Crystal

Crystals are symbolic of purity and perfection. A crystal’s natural clarity makes it the perfect canvas for engraving. 

Gifting a deep-etched crystal will ensure the wording will never fade, which gives a baby something to cherish forever. Consider giving a crystal with the baby's name and the date of the dedication engraved to make it even more memorable.


A Snow Globe 

Did you know you can still get snow globes when it isn’t the holiday season?

While snow globes make lovely Christmas gifts for babies, they can also be meaningful baby dedication presents. 

Plenty of snow globes include sweet messages or cute animals, and these are especially meaningful gifts for a baby whose dedication is in the winter. Buying a snow globe with soothing music can also be handy for parents trying to put a fussy baby to sleep.


A Swaddle Blanket 

When they’re tiny, babies spend a lot of time swaddled in a parent’s arms. Giving a swaddle blanket embroidered with sweet words or a cute pattern is guaranteed to make new parents happy.


Small Stuffed Animals and a Blanket 

Babies love to snuggle and cuddle. Giving a small stuffed animal with a blanket to match makes for the cutest gift. The stuffed animals can hang out on the shelf or rocking chair until your baby is old enough to play with them. It’s not recommended for children to sleep in cribs with toys or blankets.

A stuffed animal and blanket combo toy can also be a fantastic baby dedication gift. These are part stuffed animals and part blankets and are perfect for infants because they act as a soothing source of security.


A Sweet Card 

A sweet card of encouragement or a blessing goes a long way as a gift. Writing a heartfelt message to new parents will make them feel loved and supported. 

You can add the card to one of the gifts listed in this article or give it as a stand-alone gift. There’s nothing wrong with giving a card on its own to new parents!


A Children's Book

Make reading time memorable by giving the baby a motivational and positive children's book. 

Encouraging books are the way to go when giving baby dedication gifts. These books can stick with a kid as they get older, and they’ll end up being like old friends to revisit.

Reading books to little ones also creates a stronger bond between parents and their children. Even reading to babies makes a difference; they may not be able to understand what you're saying, but the gentle cadence of your voice offers nurturing reassurance

Children's books can be customized as well. Take the baby on a unique adventure by giving them a book that includes their first and last name, birthday, and the names of close family members and friends. They’ll love their personalized book and, with some care, can keep it forever.


Wall Decor Signs

Parenting is rewarding, but it's not always easy. Giving a sign that hangs on the wall with a loving message will help parents stay positive in tricky situations and remind them of what's important in life. Consider giving a hanging sign with “you got this” or “go with the flow” engraved on it as a baby dedication gift.


Baby Care Supplies 

Baby care supplies are practical gifts, but they can mean a lot to new parents. Folks can always use more diapers, wipes, and formula when they’ve just welcomed a new baby into the world.


Tabeeze Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit

Along with diapers and wipes, parents can't have enough onesies for their baby. They're adorable, practical, and can be styled in multiple ways. 

Tabeeze's Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit is an awesome dedication gift. It's the world's first Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit, making changing a baby a piece of cake. 

For new parents, changing their baby can come with challenges. Gifting Tabeeze's bodysuits will help make parents' lives way easier, particularly around bathtimes and changing sessions.

This bodysuit’s patented shoulder flaps and fumble-free snap alignment make it unique. Parents can unsnap the shoulder flaps to take off the bodysuit quicker than your two-year-old runs around the house.


Baby Dedication Gift Tips 

If you want to give any clothing to the baby as a dedication gift, always keep the fabric in mind. You want to ensure that the material is soft, breathable, and free of toxins and chemicals. 

At Tabeeze, keeping babies safe and comfy is always front and center. Our products are 100% GOTS Certified Organic and perfect for babies with sensitive skin. The Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit is also made of soft, organic, ring-spun jersey cotton and free from nickel, phthalates, solvents, or flame retardants. 


Final Thoughts

Baby dedication gifts don't have to be too complicated. As long as you give from the heart, the new parents will appreciate the effort you put in. 

Go the extra mile by giving a thoughtful and memorable gift to make a baby's dedication more meaningful. Adding a heartfelt touch will make the day even more special — and so will gifting something that parents can really use. For a crowd-pleasing dedication gift, go with our Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit.



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