Meet Dr Albert O. Antonio

Meet Dr Albert O. Antonio
Meet Dr Albert O. Antonio


Meet Dr Albert O. Antonio and how you can support your infant’s health with Evivo®

In celebration of Global Hug Your Kids Day on July 17th, we'd like to invite you to hear from expert, Dr Albert O. Antonio, DO FAAP, a neonatologist, pediatrician and baby hugging extraordinaire.

Read below to learn why hugging your loved ones is beneficial for all.

You’re in for a surprise!


1. Hugs!

In simplifying daily practices, like making diaper changes more comfortable for both newborns and parents, we can shift our focus and be intentional with our loving touch, which benefits our infants in ways beyond what you can see with the naked eye. In fact, I’d like to highlight why it is important for us to be intentional when we give our little ones hugs and cuddles in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and at home. Other common terms for these practices are “skin-to-skin, tummy time and kangaroo care". Hugs are beneficial to both caregiver and infant as they reduce stress, promote heart health, help with mental health, and, my favorite, boost the immune system by colonizing your newborn with good bacteria. You read it right! Hugs spread “bugs”  and guide the microbiome: all the beneficial bacteria that help support your infant’s developing immune system.


2. Tabeeze Easy-on/Easy-off Baby Clothing

As a neonatologist, pediatrician and father, I’m so delighted to partner with Tabeeze, a company committed to making safe and sustainable products for newborns. Many of the premature babies that are cared for across the United States are medically complex and fragile. Careful attention and extra special care when handling, changing and interacting with them is a priority, the main reason why I stand behind Tabeeze and Founder/CEO Carrie Shaltz Haslup.

Tabeeze Bottom-Up Bodysuits allow for instant access to skin-to-skin feeding and bonding, comfortable dressing and changing (thanks to their innovative and patented Shoulder Snaps), are 100% GOTS Certified Organic and made with the softest and cleanest cotton available to protect and preserve your baby’s skin.




3. Evivo Infant Probiotic

There is one important measure you can take to further support your baby and their microbiome. The largest microbiome lives within the gut, where over 80% of the immune system is located. The gut microbiome is crucial to balancing and promoting an infant’s defense to harmful bacteria. These good bacteria fight off bad bacteria and hugging is one way you can arm your infants with your good bacteria.  

Not convinced yet?

Believe it or not, if you feed your baby breast milk, you are providing a natural high-fiber fluid. Many infant formulas now include fibers similar to breast milk as well. Researchers have found that our gut bacteria feed off these fibers also called prebiotics. In breast milk, these prebiotics are called Human Milk Oligosaccharides, or HMOs. Nature intended these prebiotics to feed our gut bacteria and not our babies. 

Scientists at the University of California Davis have discovered a key partnership between breast milk and a specific kind of bacteria called B. infantis that, unfortunately, 90% of babies nowadays are lacking potentially due to modern medical practices such as antibiotics and c-sections.1 As a health-savvy parent, you can restore what nature intended by not only hugging but also providing your baby's immune health with B. infantis during the critical window when your baby’s immune system is developing. You don’t want to wait until the baby has symptoms of bad gut health or dysbiosis because by then it may take much longer to reverse.

Thankfully, researchers from the University of California Davis have also created a probiotic specifically to support the infant gut microbiome. Evivo®  infant probiotic ensures all babies can achieve optimal colonization of B. infantis EVC001. Babies fed Evivo® are clinically shown to have an 80% reduction in bad gut bacteria and a significant improvement in breast milk digestion.2  

The truth is that humans of all ages are happier when our digestion works properly. And your baby will be, too:  

  • 63% of parents reported reduced fussiness and gassiness. 3 
  • 72% of parents saw improved diaper rash symptoms. 3 
  • 52% reported better nighttime sleep. 3 
  • 100% of babies given Evivo® & breast milk have been clinically shown to replenish good bacteria B. infantis 

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    About Dr Albert O. Antonio, DO, FAAP
    Dr. Antonio is the Southern California Clinical Implementation Director at Infinant Health. He practices at the regional NICU at Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital in Long Beach, California, and Harbor UCLA in Torrance, California. He was inspired to specialize in newborn medicine by his mother, who practiced neonatology for 40 years. As a loving father and physician who has treated thousands of babies, he advocates for Evivo® because it harnesses the synergy between nature and the developing immune system to support healthy infant development.

    About Infinant Health
    Infinant Health is a biotechnology company based out of Davis, CA that sells Evivo probiotic. We are unified. Working as one to improve human health – focused on infant development, supporting healthcare professionals to better serve patients and families, and advancing the standard of care for future generations. Our mission is to change the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time. We see a world without chronic debilitating disease, where all newborn immune systems are built for lifelong health.