13 DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas Using Tabeeze Onesies

13 DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas Using Tabeeze Onesies - Tabeeze
13 DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas Using Tabeeze Onesies - Tabeeze

Your baby’s first holidays are memorable moments. It’s their first time celebrating with their new relatives, and it’s a great time to take fabulous pictures of your little one and your family. Halloween can be especially fun since costumes are basically a requirement.

If you’re a parent who loves crafting, you might be looking for some cute and creative costume ideas that you can make with stuff you have at home. 

Many trending DIY baby and toddler costumes are easy to make, and they can be made to fit the weather wherever you live. That means you can skip the expensive bunting pumpkin costume or princess dress and make a costume using what your baby already wears.

By making an infant costume, you have the opportunity to make wonderful memories while trick-or-treating with your little one and keep your baby as warm or as cool as needed.

Reuse: Sustainable Costumes

It’s no secret that babies call for a lot of things. Between your baby shower registry and every holiday, you’ve almost stockpiled enough for five little ones.

At Tabeeze, we’re all about everything environmentally-friendly. That’s why we recommend creating a costume with items you already have for your baby’s first Halloween.

We think the best baby Halloween costumes start with Tabeeze Bottom-Up Bodysuits.

These deluxe onesies are flexible and can be used as a base for lots of different adorable baby costumes. Using the onesies you already have in the closet is budget-friendly and environmentally friendly while still making for perfect pictures at your friend group costume party.

What Can I Use To Make a Costume?

When you’re making a costume with Tabeeze, you’ll need a few extra things to add some pizazz. 

There are four jumpsuit color choices that you can pick from, depending on the costume you want to make:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue

At-Home Additions

You’re also going to need some decorative products. Although your baby will look cute in anything, a plain onesie needs additional materials to truly evoke a ghost, mummy, animal, or something else.

For some of these costumes, you may only need things around the house. Scraps of fabric, yarn, or colored, recyclable paper are always helpful. Glue can help keep your ensemble together. However, fabric tape or ribbon is ideal if you want to deconstruct and reuse your creations.

Depending on the costume, you might need to get some things too. These materials can include:

Try to avoid using fabrics that have tulle or lace on them, as these can make your tiny cutie feel uncomfortable. Itchy clothing quickly results in a fussy baby (which is why our onesies are tag-free).

Once you decide what costume you want to make, all you need to do is gather the necessary materials and put them all together. 

Cute DIY Costumes for Babies

Here are our top 13 DIY costume ideas for your baby. You’ll be amazed by the wild things you can create with the incredible Bottom-Up Baby Bodysuit as the base!

Mini Condiments (Family Costume)

Ketchup and mustard are common couple’s costumes, but they can also be a simple DIY costume for your baby. With the red or yellow onesie and an appropriately attached label, you can dress up your tiny one as ketchup or mustard.

These costumes could also be an excellent option for people with twins or triplets. A white onesie with a blue hat can make the cutest mayo costume. The whole family can join in, too, by dressing up as hamburgers, hotdogs, or other popular party foods.

Cute Cows

With some black pieces of paper or fabric and a white bodysuit, you can make a cute baby Halloween costume that looks just like a cow. By adding a white hat with some ears, a tail, and black booties, your calf will be complete.

If you want to add that extra level of realism, you can use a bit of pink paper or fabric and glue some old baby bottle nipples that aren’t safe for your baby to use anymore.

If you want, you can use similar supplies to make other animal costumes, from a baby lion to a baby shark costume. The yellow bodysuit works perfectly for a bumble bee costume — or you can use it to recreate a certain bird from Sesame Street.

Milk and Cookies

This super cute infant Halloween costume can be done in many ways. If you have twins, one twin can be milk, and the other can be a cookie. However, with a dash of creativity, you can make this a costume for one. 

One way to do this is to make a headband with a paper cookie or two and dress them in a white onesie labeled “Milk.” If an older sibling is a Girl Scout, go all out for that theme and have people craving Thin Mints all night long.


If you’re looking for a fall-themed costume, try a vegetable. With the bright yellow bodysuit, you can dress your baby up as a squash, or you can wrap a green blanket around your little one, and they can be an ear of corn.

Baby Fruit

Babies are super sweet, just like fruit. With a red or yellow bodysuit, you can transform your cutie into a healthy snack like a strawberry or a banana.

Simply swaddle your newborn with a yellow blanket, add in a matching hat and perhaps a fruit sticker, and you have the most adorable representation of potassium ever.


Halloween is the time of year for ghouls and goblins, and your family can embrace the Halloween spirit by dressing your little one as a ghost. All you need is a skirt or white pants, a white onesie, and a white hat. 

For that extra cute ghostly look, you use black paper or fabric to make eyes and a mouth for the ghost’s face. This ghost is more adorable than scary (well, until a diaper incident occurs mid-party).

A Mummy With Its Mummy

Another classic Halloween monster costume is a mummy. Although wrapping your baby up in toilet paper isn’t a good idea, you can add some layered mesh fabric to the front of your baby’s white onesie, giving the effect of a wrapped-up mummy.

Cats of Many Colors

Cats are another popular Halloween costume, especially black cats. However, there are many different colored cats, including white and tabby (an orangey red color), making it perfect for your Tabeeze onesie.

With two cat ears and one fluffy tail, your kid can be the most adorable cat ever. You can even make a lion costume for the wild baby in your family.

Something Out of This World

Although not all aliens are spooky (We’re looking at you, Baby Yoda from Star Wars), they can make a fantastic costume. With an alien, you can let your creative imagination run wild (or as wild as baby-safe materials allow).

A headband with pom poms, multiple googly eyes, or even extra legs or arms can be a great place to start.

An Early Snowman

Snowmen usually make an appearance around Christmastime, but that doesn’t mean that a snowman costume isn’t a fabulous choice. With a white bodysuit and hat, all you need to add is some black buttons, and if you want to go the extra mile, add a top hat.

While many snowmen are pictured with scarves, scarves aren’t really something babies can or should wear. Just like with bedding, extra fabric is a no-no when it comes to infants.


Dressing your little one up as sushi is a unique option, and all it takes is a salmon or orange pillow, a white bodysuit, and a black ribbon to tie the costume together. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a headband with some ginger and wasabi made from fabric on the top.

A Living Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are always sweet, and they can also make a great costume. It’s also flexible. If you live in an area that’s warm in October, dress your baby in a bodysuit with light cotton pants. If you live in a cold area, add a fluffy jacket to give that cuddly teddy bear look.

The only other thing you need is a pair of bear ears to finish off this oh-so-sweet look. If you want, you could also add a tiny tail.

It’s a Bird; It’s a Plane; It’s…

If you’re looking at the blue Tabeeze bottom-up baby bodysuit, the color probably reminded you of Superman’s suit. Any little boy would look charming as this classic hero, and all you need to do is add Superman’s insignia and attach a cape to the shoulders. Then your baby boy will be ready to save the world.

If you have a baby girl, you can always turn the bodysuit into a costume based on the iconic Amazon warrior Wonder Woman’s outfit instead!

All Treats, No Tricks

Halloween is a fun and family-friendly holiday that can be a great photo opportunity, especially with an adorable costume with your newest additions. With a few materials and a bit of time, you can make an adorable costume for those precious first Halloween memories that Mother Earth would love. 


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