Best Onesie Overall

Best Onesie Overall
Best Onesie Overall

I Tested the 24 Best Baby Onesie Brands – There’s a Winner

Aug 2, 2023 | Baby, Product Reviews

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With countless baby clothing brands out there, finding the best onesies can be overwhelming.

Are they soft, safe, and worth the price?

Say goodbye to uncertainty as I tested two dozen newborn onesies to bring you the top picks. I think you’ll be surprised at some of the onesie brands that were the worst in the bunch!

collection of onesie brands

Best Newborn Onesies

Best baby onesies

The Best Baby Onesies

Best Overall (And Best Easy-Access): Tabeeze Bottom-Up Bodysuit

Note: If you opt for the Baby Starter Set and use my TWOMAMABEARS discount code, your price per onesie drops to just $13.


  • 100% organic cotton
  • GTOS certified
  • Unique, easy-access features
  • Flat felled seams
  • No scratchy label
  • Super soft material
  • Thick fabric (durable)
  • Easiest snaps to open
  • Finger pocket behind snaps for easy alignment
  • Generous onesie donations to babies in need
  • 25% off with code TWOMAMABEARS making this a mid to low-priced option


  • Only 4 color options
  • No distinctly feminine color choices

A huge thank you to Tabeeze for sponsoring this article and allowing me the freedom to speak about all of these baby brands openly and honestly.

The patented shoulder snaps and fumble-free snap alignment are a huge selling point.

If you want to maximize skin-to-skin bonding, you simply unsnap the shoulder, pull down the top of the onesie, and place baby on your chest.

tabeeze shoulder on baby

It’s so easy and will probably encourage you to do skin-to-skin more than you would have otherwise. That takes a simple onesie to the next level. 

On top of that, Tabeeze is 100% GOTS Certified Organic, ensuring no harmful chemicals in the fabric, and your onesie arrives pre-shrunk.

Tabeeze also has a Sharing is Caring initiative, which is comprised of two components: 

  • They provide free Tabeeze to families with disabled and medically complex babies.
  • For every item purchased, they donate an item to a participating NICU.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Tabeeze paid attention to the little things. The label is organically screen printed onto the fabric, and the inner seams are flat. Both of those things reduce skin irritation for your little one.

tabeeze flat felled seam
A closer look at the flat felled seam on Tabeeze onesies

It’s easy to see why Tabeeze takes the cake for the best overall onesie, as it checks off so many boxes.

The only con for me is the limited number of colors to choose from. Some more feminine colors would be nice, such as pinks and purples.

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